Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kisi2 UAS

Pertama-tama sory yach, coz telatmasang kisi2nya. Mudah2an teman2 bisa belajar dari sini. Sebagai bonus aq kasih satu nomor soal deh buat kalian!

Siklus Wirausaha
Dreams - Set Plans – Set Goals – Action – Result - Strategi

Selamat Ujian ya! Semoga Sukses! Salam Dari Tim Guru Mulok Kewirausahaan!
O iy, kasih comment ya klo uda buka blog n ambil kisi2nya, biar kita tahu, ok?
thx b4.


Anonymous said...

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angie said...

I cannot read your language, but I commented after you on Mel's blog, and just want to say that your wish is now mine. Thoughts and love to you and your family. XO